Stand up

Stand up

Monday, May 11, 2015

Resist Flag change, fight for patriotism.

The New Zealand flag is under review, The government is wasting $20 mill to do this. They want the flag changed so they can break contracts of loyalty to the crown and commonwealth.
 Our Flag is our heritage. We are a young country, but a hard fought country.
 We see the act to change our flag as an act of treason and seek those responsible to be tried and punished for their greedy actions.
 John Key a Zionist banker and his party that is full of "Parliamentarians for Globalization" a pact made by Ministers to betray our Nation, are enemies to our wonderful country.
 We will resist them, we will use the New Zealand Flag as a standard of resistance.
 When the war for freedom is here, we will fight under our National flag that represents us as Nation builders.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Message to the Government

Right Wing Resistance

New Zealand

Statement of Defiance


To Whom it May Concern

We are an organised group of political activists, who are among the many New Zealanders who are affected by your constant bad management of our Nation.

Some of the main points we are the most concerned about are:

·       Reckless disregard for the safety of New Zealand through the importation of people who are against our way of Life.

·       The lack of compassion for the common workers and other low income citizens of this country.

·       A self-serving attitude by Members of Parliament with many cases of conflict of interest in regards to policies being made that serve the profits of sitting ministers.

·       The continued increase of secret intelligence powers to spy on New Zealanders and to take away our rights and Freedoms.

·       Serving China, who is an ambitious and brutal financial empire who commit many human rights violations, including mass slavery, and mass murder.

·       One of the most important issues is the bowing and scraping to international financial powers in order to maintain trade deals and status.

Often these issues, such as the TPPA are designed to serve profit instead of our people’s welfare.


We resist your ruthless form of corrupt government, and we demand a change in the system to allow a greater representation of the people, including 1-2% representation, binding referendum and a more comprehensive system of accountability and investigation into ministers conflict of interests.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

LT Colonel Vaughans Report

White Pride World Wide Day
Wellington Report
What an awesome day and weekend successful i'd say
Thank you I needed a couple of days at home almost to myself to sort the yard out and little bits of other minor peaces
There was a little bit involved this year in preparation for our wonderful marches in Christchurch and wellington
mainly the venues were sorted early along with the date times and meetings places and passed through the grape vine to unit leaders and officers who did a great job each and all of yous to organised your transport and travel my job was to talk to all and co-organised and organised a safe and prepared march and demand a stealth mode. we all did well. I'm proud of us
all that made it did come by car boat plane train walked or crawled or by pram and van.
Because of the drama at last years march in Christchurch and because we never tried it it has been designed to give north island members to attend the march. and i must say the attendance was remarkable white pride world wide day in wellington now exists for the resistance
Along beside immigration day and flag day
we would like units now to target your local issues ring your political representative book an appointment even using a false name to make sure they are there deliver a letter leave if your asked and protest outside peacefully. if at all possible notify local police out of politeness and media
For white pride world wide day wellington this year new ground in uniform i went to the police station and because of my statics found it was an important enough issue for jamahl glasser senior sergeant masterton and booked appointment amazingly i felt accepted and respected genuinely .
we talked times routes numbers content of pickets ie offensiveness and what white pride world wide day was for he gave me half a hour of his time in witch i got to talk of the Muslim problem ISIS black panthers genocide boers being slaughtered in south africa oslo and african rape crises Islam problem in England and the dangers of there cultures and beliefs in new zealand and the Muslim threat in new zealand .also i chucked in the Chinese and Indians to king over businesses and land
i rang tv1 one explaining after our mach we were marching threw the oval in the middle of west indies cricket game to prick up there ears up
i talked to the evening post editors message machine
for accommodation i booked 6 bunk cabin for 2 nights at mawley park motor camp incidentally rob the camp manager when i asked on Monday,said we were as good as gold for our crew we left early Saturday mourning in two cars myself picking up Kevin in upper hutt
Dave Kim Clayton and Dom drove to wellington railway station where we got two parks immediately. we received each a $12.00 parking ticket which was cheap parking sings and pickets on the spot by 11am where after talking by cell while going up the rimutakas to the commander of the wellington watch for the the day i was to meet sergeant rachel it was a wonderful response from the police they did a great job through out the march and speeches
our leader our kernel our major and our lieutenant regional officers unit and division leaders a royal flush in hearts the march itself was inspiring
Steve,Kyle,Johnny and myself spoke
the reverence was great it was great without students chanting the idiocy they have been brainwashed to believe.
Our messages were heard my a good number of spectators
many flyers were passed out all parties involved dispersed peacefully after returning to the railway station nearly all who attended the march also traveled to masterton and attended our national meeting
officers first regional officers unit leaders then the main meet
trustees for our land base account are our national council there has been a decision made that for every member who pays a full years fees will inturn receive 1 share of the land base purchased.
regional offices were made lieutenants.
Alex was made a 1st lieutenant Vaughan was promoted to lieutenant colonel a new thing i learnt is it is not spell kernal hail.
Other promotions have been posted for other members previously everybody re swore their oaths for their level of office.
Our political party has been renamed "NZ for New Zealanders".I urge every member to join for a need for numbers. Even though it must be multicultural to exist which is not our policy.
Thank you immensely to Brendon for providing a location, and his and Meredith"s hospitality, for the venue and reception after bar.
Vaughan vacated his home for the night to stay with his partner, while Kyle, Johnny and Kevin camped the night in the yard.
Sunday lunch was provided at the yard and compliments to Marie to did a fine job of organising and preparing the food.
It was a relaxing morning except for me having to put away my weekends, Police impound cars.
Taranaki in the afternoon left to go home and nearer to 5pm myself, and Brendon drove Kyle, Johnny and Kevin to the Railway station.
A departing photo on the platform and White Pride World Wide Day was done except for the paperwork.Hail.
Northern Director
Lieutenant Colonel
Vaughan Tocker
Right Wing Resistance
New Zealand.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Invercargill and Dunedin events.

Great work to Dunedin and Southland units for their efforts in the week end.

Dunedin Unit did a flyer drop to commemorate WPWW day.

Invercargill did a banner. Great work guys.


Great work to CHCH unit leader Jason and Retaliator Unit leader jake for making the CHCH WPWW day a great event. Just as well our guys made it, otherwise the turn out would have been a bit sad.
Over 20 RWR and our supporters were there to rock the day forward.

WPWW day Wellington

First Wellington WPWW day.
over 30 RWR NZ members from all over the North Island attended.

Great work guys. Very successful event for RWRNZ.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

WPWW Day notice

You are invited to be part of the world wide white pride day and White Man March day.
If you are able to make it to the formal events held in CHCH and the North Island please RSVP.
Both will have a social event and such after.

Anyone who is in an area by themselves, please do some flyers, or posters to mark the event in their own town.

This event gets bigger every year, great time to stand your ground.