Stand up

Stand up

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The war on patriotism continues.

The Government has pushed further to change our flag by choosing a line up an people who are either not even NZers or are from professions who have lefty leanings.

With this concoction of anti NZers, they will push for a flag change.
They will waste so much money $26,000,000. We have hungry poor people and this greedy Government wants to screw us over again.

Well this is our statement:
If they change our Flag, the old Flag will be the banner of the resistance.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Presentations coming up

Boarder control basic patches are now ready. They will be sent to ROs and Unit leaders for distribution at meetings. Again thank you to all members who attended these successful events. More to come.

RWR Recon unit

This unit is for scouting and recruiting. Meeting new people in new areas, supporting small units in remote areas and keeping RWR present and active in areas that have been slow.

It is suited to members who travel and are less settled.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Uniform updates

An Official declaration for RWR world wide. Camo jackets will now be included into the uniform as an acceptable club jacket. Strong wearing camo shirts that can be worn like a camo jacket can also be done like this.
We understand that some members already have these and this is now all good.
Also black denim jackets have always been ok, and any denim died black.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Friday, January 30, 2015



What is Islam?
The two central figures of Islam are the god Allah and the “prophet” Muhammad.
In the 7th Century a nobleman (Muhammad) of a nomadic tribe in the Arabian Peninsula, the Sabeans,
had an encounter with the Archangel Gabriel in a cave, who wrestled him to the ground
and told him he had a message from the “one true god”.
Muhammad had many encounters with Gabriel who dictated to him the revelations and writings
known today as the Quran. These sessions went on throughout the “prophet’s” life. At one point Muhammad claims to have ascended into heaven. Muslims revere Muhammad as a just and holy man, the inerrant messenger of the one and only god, Allah. Islam borrows heavily from the Bible and other Judaic writings.
Why Do Muslims believe this?
Muhammad was a powerful man from a powerful tribe. Having convinced his family and tribal elders of the “truth” of his visions he set about forcing those beliefs on the tribes around them. Conquered tribes, villages and towns were given the choice of “convert or die”. Muhammad took the city of Mecca, in which was a holy house called the Kabah. In the Kabah were over 350 idols. Allah was an idol amongst them, the god of the moon. Muhammad threw out the other idols and kept Allah. The symbol of Islam is the crescent moon. The Kabah exists today and Muslims are expected to journey there at least once in their life, a pilgrimage known as the Haj. Muhammad united the Arabic tribes. The glory days of the Egyptian, Persian and Babylonian empires were long gone but not forgotten. Many Arabs saw Islam under the leadership of the “divinely inspired” Muhammad as restoration of their peoples to unity and glory.
As time passed and more people were converted (either by force or willingly) the amount of people capable of reading or even willing to read the Quran revelations and commandments was small. The majority of people looked to the leadership for information on how to worship and what to believe. And so it is the same today. After Muhammad died, there was no central leadership or authority such as a Pope to tell people what to do. Local leaders, Imams,Mullahs and Moguls became the keepers of the traditions and rules. This remains the case today. These localised leaderships are largely free to issue whatever edicts (fatwahs) they see fit, provided it does not go against the Quran or demean Allah or Muhammad. Hence such things as female circumcision (cutting out a young girl’s clitoris) and wearing of the burka aren’t in the Quran but have become part of Islam because some local leader thought that was the way to do things.
Why is this a Problem?
As Muhammad became more powerful and gained control of more people and territory he became increasingly corrupted by power and intolerant. The “revelations” he received later in life reflect this. Hence the early part of the Quran which does espouse peace and tolerance was supplanted by bigotry, hatred, intolerance and misogyny. Muslims believed then (quite logically) and now that if the more recent revelations contradicted earlier revelations, then the latter revelations were the correct ones. So as Muhammad took more wives (including a 9 year old girl, Aisha, that he had sex with when she was that age and he was in his 50s) and gloried in his total power, the “revelations” he received from Gabriel became more and more bloodthirsty and began to advocate the death penalty for more and more offences, including disagreeing with and speaking against Muhammad!
When a child is born to Muslim parents the first thing the father does is whisper in the newborn’s ear “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet” this indoctrination goes on throughout the child’s life and by the time they are 10 years old they are thoroughly brainwashed. This is why Muslims have a tantrum and get violent if you “insult” Allah or Muhammad.
So it becomes quite apparent that if one is dealing with a devout Muslim, one is dealing with someone who is actually incapable of any rational or objective thought regarding their religion. Any fact that goes against their indoctrination is vehemently rejected.

Summary: Why Islam is a crime against humanity

- Child Marriage. Practiced in all Muslim countries and in secret in countries where Muslims are a minority. This is where children as young as 6 are married off to adult men who have non penetrative sex with them until they are 9 years of age and then indulge in full intercourse. In doing this they are following the example of their prophet Muhammad who they believe can do no wrong.
- Violence. Islam (which means “submission”) advocates the death sentence (either by stoning or beheading) for the following things/people: Gays, Christians and Jews (who refuse to pay vassal tax and defer to Muslims although modern Muslims have abandoned that qualification and just say kill them), Non Believers, Apostates (people who were Muslim but don’t believe any more) Muslims who become Christians, Adulterers, women who have been raped (they asked for it and are now defiled), women that have sex outside of marriage or have sex with a non Muslim and death to all those who oppose Islam. The Muslims who are out committing acts of terror and murder aren’t “extreme” they are actually just “faithful” Muslims. It is also acceptable and expected for a Muslim man to beat his wife for a range of petty offences such as not wearing a burka. Muslims believe it is totally acceptable to rape non Muslim women and interfere with non Muslim children. They enjoy it and when there are enough of them they set up rape gangs and paedophile trafficking. See the case of Rotherham, England is an example of this.
- Muhammad’s low character. The so called “prophet” of Islam was a man of low character who became corrupted by power. He had over 20 wives, was a paedophile, kept slaves, was a murderer, rapist and was a racist who referred to blacks as “raisinheads”. Muslims feel they should emulate Muhammad in all things.
- Taqiyya or Islamic Deception. Muslims are taught to deceive the kuffar (non muslims) about their true beliefs in order to defend the cause of Islam and Jihad (holy war). This deception is called Taqiyya. Muslims will attempt to dissociate Islam from terrorist acts in order to win sympathy and public opinion especially in countries where they are out numbered by non Muslims. They will say such an act does not represent “true Islam” when in fact it does.
- Islam’s stated aim is to convert the whole world and subject every country to Sharia Law. Muslims come to the West pretending to be refugees and saying they want a better life. If this were true they would go to a rich Muslim country such as Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates. Once in the West they quickly reveal their true agenda. They set up Islamic Associations which are backed by Saudi oil money, an endless supply, and start to lobby and put pressure on local government, school boards, community groups and central government to give them special treatment and exempt them from our laws. They see our tolerance and generosity as stupidity and weakness. They will not stop demanding and scheming until their perverted medieval religion rules over all.
- We give them benefits, housing, education and economic opportunity. They repay us with hatred, intolerance, offence taking and complaints. They seriously and actually expect the rest of New Zealand society to change our laws, customs, traditions, religion and culture to suit them. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!